Monthly summary: January 2018

As mentioned in the December Monthly summary, I am trying to provide a better separation between an income (and expense) report, and the balance sheet. They are linked but provide a different view on the health of my finances: one shows what comes in and what goes out, and the other shows what is to stay (the net worth).

Before looking at any numbers, I know that January has been a bad month, financially speaking. I’ve had parents over for the winter holidays, I’ve bought a few presents, I’ve had a fairly expensive trip to Paris, and I’ve pre-paid most of my trips for this year. I would not be surprised if my net worth went down after this mishap – but let’s see.


  • Post-tax, stable income: £3997
  • Side hustles: £0 (done work, not invoiced yet)


To do this, I am currently using an app called Yolt – a mobile-only account-tracking application. Starting with the next month, I will be using my own automated tracker – it’s currently work in progress (more details to come in a different post).

  • Rent: £1450
  • Household bills: £525 (utilities, cleaner, cell phone, this and that)
  • Travel: £425 (pre-booked about 5 trips for 2018)
  • Transport: £282 (this being for myself & parents)
    Something I am unhappy with is that £79 of it is Uber – 10 different trips.
  • Lunch @ work: £115 (really happy with this)
  • Groceries: £205 (which again, accounts for multiple people)
  • Dinners, restaurants: £107
  • Entertainment: £93 (again, abnormal due to visitors)
  • Shopping: £623

I have not included everything from my statements, as some of them are either business expenses, or donations, etc.

Total: £3815 . It hurts, but 100% will get better in February.

Balance sheet

  • Credit card debt: £-3595 (down from £-3757)
  • Investments (Cash Savings): £5696 (up 200)
  • Investments (Funds): £6295 (up from 5982)
  • Investments (P2P): £1940.35 (down from £1983)
  • Investments: (P2P): £52.41
  • Investments (Property Crowdfunding): £49.7 (up from £49.5. Ha!)
  • Investments (Cryptocurrencies): $402.3
  • Old pension account: £18216 (up from £18067)
  • Work pension: £929

Total net worth: £33461- £3595 = £29866


My net worth has not gone down, but neither has it seen any major improvements. At least I know the culprits, and how to address then. Feeling positive for February!

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