About me

Who am I?

As I mentioned in the introductory post, I’m a 28 years old that discovered that FIRE (= financial independence / retire early) is not only a cool topic to read about, but also a smart hobby.

I’ve been reading financial independence-related blogs for over a year now; and while I’ve always been a fan of the concept, the $ numbers I saw on most blogs made the whole idea out-of-reach.

The transition between a reading topic and a hobby started when I found more recent blogs, written by people who have just started on this path, with quite low savings / high debt. Realizing this is achievable pushes me to the next question:

Why this blog?

Perhaps one of my biggest flaws is lack of focus. It takes me time to gain focus, and it takes me a second to lose it. Another flow is that I’m also reluctant to make things public – in any way, to avoid the responsibility that comes with it.

By creating this blog, I’m aiming to create that kind of pressure that I would normally avoid.

And in my plan, the pressure leads to regular updates. The regular updates lead to me making sure I am financially responsible. And financial responsibility should lead to financial independence.

The FIRE (Financial Independence – Early Retirement) plan

Part of writing this blog involves me being honest about things I am not comfortable with. The FIRE plan is one of those things – as I do not yet have a plan.

Right now, I am aiming to start posting a regular end-of-month update, and perhaps 2-3 more monthly articles on related topics, such as portfolio updates, or investment services that I use.

As it is trendy, I’ll try to write a list of 2018 financial resolutions, which will also make it on the blog. You know, the kind of list that would make my parents proud, my co-workers laugh, and my friends question my sanity.