Net worth tracker

I’ve been debating for a while whether I should use the term “Net Worth”, as I involuntarily associate this term with “High Net Worth” individuals. I’ve gone with it for consistency reasons, after looking at other similar blogs.

How do I track my net worth?

Since November 2017, using this blog. Starting with 2018, with the help of Google Spreadsheets. I wish we had something like Personal Capital in the UK, but to date I could not find anything like it.

Prior to having this blog – I did not track anything at all. If you ask me how much did I have in my savings account 1 year ago, I’d have to look up the bank statements.

How do I calculate the net worth?

This should be easy. In my net worth numbers, I will include all my assets (cash savings, investments, pension, property) – all my liabilities (all my debt).

I will not include, for now: depreciating assets (mobile phone, clothing, car), the balance of my current bank accounts, or random items (book collection).

Net worth monthly updates